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The Local Indicators for Excellence (LIFE) steering committee released their official report at a community forum on Friday, September 21, 2012. The forum took place at Theater @1800, Sentry Insurance Headquarters.

Representatives of the Stevens Point Police Department, Portage County Business Council, Stevens Point School District, Portage County Aging and Disability Resource Center, Portage County Health and Human Services, and Stevens Point Public Schools presented information on five Community Calls to Action that were determined through the LIFE Report findings.

Community partners who participated in this project include CAP Services, Marshfield Clinic, Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital, Portage County Health and Human Services, United Way of Portage County, and others.

Kathy Davies, LIFE Report Project Chair explained the value of the report, “The purpose of the LIFE Report is to identify community strengths, challenges and priorities that will mobilize action in Portage County. This report will be an effective tool in raising awareness in our community on quality of life issues and to monitor trends and underlying causes. The LIFE Report will also serve as a resource and centralized source of data to non-profit organizations, policy makers, government entities, faith-based organizations, foundations, corporations, and more.”

Sue Wilcox, Executive Director of United Way of Portage County commented, “The report is supported by a survey that was sent to Portage County residents in January of 2012 in addition to surveys of targeted populations and community stakeholders. The information provided in these surveys provided important data and will assist our communities in focusing on what changes are needed to improve the quality of life.”

To download sections of the report please select from the following:

A. Table of Contents & Introduction

B. Executive Summary

C. Economic Environment

D. Education

E. Environment, Energy & Transportation

F. Family

G. Health & Wellness

H. Public Safety & Community

I. Demographics, Map & Survey

J. Linkage & Index

To download a summary of the report, please select the following:

LIFE Report SnapShot

If you would like to get more involved with the Calls to Action, if you have questions about the LIFE Report or, if you would like to request a presentation for your organization or group, please contact United Way of Portage County at (715) 341-6740 or at