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Why give

Every 15 minutes someone in Portage County is helped through a United Way-funded program or service. United Way of Portage County supports over 30 programs and several initiatives that help thousands of residents every year. Annually, hundreds of local community volunteers give their time to evaluate needs and priorities to assure that your United Way gifts are used effectively and deliver maximum impact. When you support United Way of Portage County, you are carrying on a decades-old mission with a tradition of generosity, successful stewardship of funds, and community improvement.

United Way Endowment creates sustainable funding and generates income. With endowment income, the United Way can continue to support our community even during times of economic instability and campaign downturns and can address emerging needs at critical times for our community. United Way Endowment creates financial independence, organizational stability, and future prosperity that strengthens the organization overall. When your gift is invested, your legacy lasts forever.

A planned gift, also known as a deferred gift, is a donation of money, property, or other assets that you intend to give to a nonprofit through your estate plans or upon death. It’s a creative, flexible way to support your loved ones and United Way. Gifts to the endowment fund are invested, and the income earned is used for a specific purpose. Endowment funds are a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Each year, a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund's purpose, and any earnings more than this portion are used to build the fund's market value.

Giving to the United Way Endowment is a way for donors to personally ensure that much needed programs and services will be there for future generations. Leaving your legacy means you honor the values that guided your life even after you’re gone. With an outright gift or planned gift to United Way Endowment, donors set an example for other caring, community-minded individuals to follow. Donations are invested, and a percentage of the earnings are used annually, preserving the principal.

United Way Endowment of United Way of Portage County, Inc. provides funding to serve the most current, critical needs of our community’s most vulnerable populations with programs that provide measurable results. 

Using a 12-quarter rolling average based on the total balances of fixed income and equities at the end of each quarter, up to 5% of the rolling average will be recommended by the Endowment and Finance Committees to address current, critical needs of our community as approved by the United Way of Portage County Board of Directors.

Following United Way of Portage County Investment Policy, funds are in diversified investments in a broad base of securities, funds, and accounts that are reasonably prudent and to maintain an expense ratio consistent with or lower than other funds of similar investment styles as measured by the Lipper and/or Morningstar rating services. Click here to view the full Investment Policy.

Donors who provide a signed Letter of Intent (intend to make a gift to United Way Endowment), will be highlighted in the United Way of Portage County annual brochure.  Donors also have the option to remain anonymous.

Gifts under $10,000 received to the United Way Endowment, will be recognized annually as a United Way Contributor, and upon death, will be remembered as a United Circle of Caring Legacy Donor.

Gifts of $10,000 or more received to the United Way Endowment will be recognized annually in the United Way of Portage County annual brochure. The donor’s name will be highlighted in the appropriate gift level section based on up to 5% distribution of the original gift. Upon death, the donor will also be remembered as a United Circle of Caring Legacy Donor.

To complete your LETTER OF INTENT to give, click here.