Important Documents

Letter of Intent
If you intend to include the United Way Endowment of United Way of Portage County Inc. in your estate plans, thank you! Please fill out a Letter of Intent so we can acknowledge and thank you for your gift intentions. A letter of intent is not a legal obligation and may be changed by either party at any time.

Management of the Endowment
United Way Endowment is managed by the United Way Endowment Committee and Finance Committee with oversight from the United Way Board of Directors.

Gift Acceptance Policy
The Gift Acceptance Policy was established to provide staff and volunteer leadership guidance and procedures for accepting gifts and donations. The policy serves as a guideline and allows for flexibility on a case-by-case basis. 

Investment Policy
The Investment Policy is to diversify investments in a broad base of securities, funds, and accounts that are reasonably prudent and to maintain an expense ratio consistent with or lower than other funds of similar investment styles as measured by the Lipper and/or Morningstar rating services.

Spending Plan
Using a 12-quarter rolling average based on the total balances of fixed income and equities at the end of each quarter, up to 5% of the rolling average will be recommended by the Endowment and Finance Committees to address current, critical needs of our community as approved by the United Way of Portage County Board of Directors.