Emerging Needs Funding


Emerging Needs funding requests should present innovative approaches to meeting the health and human services needs of our community that are time sensitive.  The United Way will establish and maintain a fund, based on the success of the annual fundraising effort, to support requests which are from programs that are not currently funded by United Way dollars and for currently funded programs with requests that are outside of the regular timeline for the two-year funding cycle.

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated using the priorities and strategies established in the impact areas of Education, Health, and Financial Stability.

The following are examples of funding requests that may be supported by the Emerging Needs Fund:

  • Provide off-year funding to current Partner Programs with opportunities to enhance, modify, or add programming.
  • Provide organizations with the incentive to introduce and implement plans for new or enhanced programming outside of the United Way’s currently funded programs.
Funding Considerations

The following will be considered as requests are reviewed:

  • The funding request cites evidence driven programming with measurable outcomes.
  • The funding request demonstrates current collaboration with other community resources.
  • The funding request is embedded in a diverse and effective program budget
  • The organization has a plan to sustain the programming

Current United Way Program Partners as well as non-profit organizations, government and for-profit organizations are eligible to submit a request for Emerging Needs funds.

The United Way does not expect to make recurring or multi-year funding decisions to the same organization or program. Exceptions may be made based on demonstrated need and available funds. Based on alignment with impact areas and successful delivery and measurement of program outcomes, the United Way may recommend commencing the regular funding process as a Program Partner. (See Pathway to Partnership Guidelines)
Funding will not be supported for the following: annual fund drives, building funds and other capital projects, operating deficits, direct or grassroots lobbying, religious purposes, or event sponsorships.


The Director of Community Impact will discuss all requests with the Executive Director. If considered an appropriate request given the fund guidelines, the request will be placed on the agenda for the next scheduled Vision Council meeting.  The organization may be asked to provide additional information beyond the requirements of the application and make a presentation to the Vision Council regarding the request.  Supported requests will then go to the Executive Committee for final approval.  In some cases, the request may go to the full United Way Board for approval.

Application and Timeline

Applications for Emerging Needs funds are available by contacting Mae Nachman, Director of Community Impact.  Applications will be accepted on a quarterly basis on the following dates: March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. The application, if determined appropriate, will be reviewed at the next scheduled Vision Council meeting.


Mae Nachman
Director of Community Impact