Corporate Volunteer Engagement Award


The team from Special Markets Insurance Consultants have volunteered for many Volunteer Center events over the years. Their group is always dedicated and ready to get the job done, whether it is packing school supply bags for Project Fresh Start, or raking a homeowner’s yard for Make A Difference Day.


In 2020, United Way staff knew that finding volunteers to pack school supplies during a pandemic would be challenging. Special Markets stepped in and offered their years of Project Fresh Start volunteering experience to help pack the school supply bags yet again. Their group volunteered in shifts and adapted to the many changes and safety precautions put into place due to COVID-19. Working in a smaller space than previous years with limited storage, the Special Markets group still managed to keep all supplies in order and made sure that the needs of every student was accounted for. Their positivity and determination to get the project completed is what made the event possible and a rewarding experience for all. They not only volunteered their time, but offered suggestions and gave their advice as United Way staff worked out the plans for distribution of supplies. In record time, the group had packed enough bags to provide school supplies to all of the students who registered. Their knowledge of how the event worked in the past, was critical in making this year possible during such unpredictable times.


A few months later, the Special Markets group came forward once again and offered to rake yards for Make A Difference Day in a time when it was uncertain whether the event would even occur. Special Markets Insurance Consultants is receiving the Corporate Volunteer Engagement Award, which is awarded to the organization that demonstrates the greatest progress in providing and promoting volunteer engagement opportunities for their employees. We’d like to thank them for their continued assistance that makes them truly….special.