Most of us give time, talents, and money to charitable organizations during our lives because it makes a difference for someone else. We experience the joy that comes from giving to a charity that puts into action our values and priorities. Through a legacy gift, you can make a difference--now and forever.

United Way of Portage County is dedicated to finding the most efficient, personally satisfying and financially advantageous method for each donor to make his or her contribution. Your legal or financial advisor can guide you in choosing a gift that fulfills your needs, provides maximum tax benefits, and does the most good for others.

For more information about Planned Giving, please review this document. People who want to make an endowment can do so by filling out an Endowment Letter of Intent.

Suggested bequest language: United Way Endowment of United Way of Portage County, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization (Federal Id#39-0831152)

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How Will You Be Remembered?

Endow Your Annual Gift to United Way

This is the gift that keeps on giving - back to the Portage County community. Your gift remains relevant as needs in the community continue to change and evolve. A fixed percentage of earnings is infused into each annual campaign following the receipt of your planned gift.

A one-time gift to the United Way Endowment at one of the amounts listed below will allow your Stevens Society gift to be made to the United Way annual campaign in perpetuity.

*Those who choose to endow their annual gift in perpetuity receive recognition in each of the annyually updated Stevens Society "Leaders in Giving" publications upon installment of their planned gift, if they choose to be recognized. The donors name will be highlighted in the appropriate gift level section of the publication based on the gift amount to the Endowment.

Special Donor Restricted Endowments

1.    A donor restricted endowment may be created with the approval of the GAC. All restrictions must be compatible with and supportive of United Way of Portage County’s mission. 

2.    By contributing at least $10,000, either with one outright gift or a multi-year pledge (a minimum of $1,000 per year), a permanently named fund can be established. This allows the donor to make an annual gift to United Way or support an area of interest.

3.    Distributions shall be subject to the terms of the donor restricted endowment agreement.

Management of the Endowment

The United Way Endowment is managed by United Way with oversight from the United Way Board of Directors. The objective of the investment policy is to diversify investments in a broad base of securities, funds and accounts that are reasonably prudent and to maintain an expense ratio consistent with or lower than other funds of similar investment styles as measured by the Lipper and/or Morningstar rating services.

United Way Endowment Investment Policy

1.     Purpose. The purpose of the following investment guidelines, which are to be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors, is to:

  • Establish the investment objectives, policies and eligible securities relating to any investments of the United Way Endowment.
  • Identify the criteria against which investment performance of equities will be measured.
  • Communicate the objectives to the Board, staff and donors.
  • Serve as a guide for the ongoing oversight of the management of the investments in the United Way Endowment.

2.     Guidelines for Investing.

  • Diversification. The investment goal is to diversify investments in a broad base of securities, funds and accounts and that are reasonably prudent.
  • Equities. Sixty percent (60%) of the assets will be invested in broad based mutual or index mutual funds or broad based exchange traded funds (not individual stocks), designed to participate in small, mid and large capitalization stocks, in both growth and value equities (for example, the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund or the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF). Not more than one-quarter (1/4) of the equities component can be invested in international mutual or index mutual funds or exchange traded funds, and such portion must also be invested in a broad based fund or funds.
  • Fixed Income. Forty percent (40%) of the assets shall be invested in fixed income securities, funds and accounts from among the following list:
  1. Savings and money market accounts that are FDIC insured.
  2. Certificates of deposit that are FDIC insured, including a ladder of CD maturities.
  3. United States Treasury bills, notes, bonds mutual funds, index mutual funds and exchange traded funds.
  4. Mutual funds, index mutual funds and exchange traded funds that invest predominately in "investment grade" bonds.
  • No Market Timing. Investment allocation and selection is not intended to involve market timing or timing strategies.
  • Investment Expenses. Whenever practical, investments that adhere to the characteristics described above shall be no-load funds, without 12(b)(l) charges, which maintain an expense ratio consistent with or lower than other funds of similar investment styles as measured by the Lipper and/or Morningstar rating services.

3.     Transition to Professional Investment Manager. The United Way Endowment assets will be transferred to a professional investment manager, selected pursuant to a request for proposal process approved by the Finance Committee of the United Way of Portage County, Inc., when:

  • The total assets in the United Circle of Caring exceed $500,000
  • The performance of the equity portion of the portfolio trails the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index by more than 5% in any calendar year.
  • The Board of Directors of the United Way of Portage County, Inc. directs such a change.

Donor Recognition

By planning a gift to the United Way Endowment, donors set an example for other caring, community-minded individuals to follow.

With a gift of $2000 or more, a donor’s name or the name of an individual designated through a memorial will be included in United Way Leadership materials.  In addition, these donors can choose to have a brick engraved with their name set in place at the United Circle of Caring Memorial located in downtown Stevens Point.

Outright gifts and upon installment of planned gifts of $10,000 or more to the Endowment will be reflected individually in the annual Stevens Society “Leaders in Giving” publication. Gift levels are based on annual Endowment earnings distribution.

The Portage County community is a wonderful place to live, to work, and to raise a family.  Some of the reasons for this high quality of life are the many vital services that help everyone, especially those in need.  Giving to the United Way Endowment is a way for donors to personally ensure that those services will be there for future generations.

To make a contribution, please make your check payable to, or direct your bequests or other gifts to, the following:

United Way of Portage County, Inc. Endowment

United Way of Portage County, Inc.
1100 Centerpoint Drive, Suite 302
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481
(715) 341-6740

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